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Browns Tree Service has a dedicated team of landscaping professionals ready to take on your next project. Our projects range from landscaping design to retaining walls to large corporate projects. We provide all of the services needed in-house to give you a beautiful area.

We start out by sending an estimator to your location to review your project so we can provide an accurate quote. We then order all material (blocks, water features, plants, etc) and set up the install date with you. As a one stop shop, we are able to bring in our tree crews to remove old and unwanted trees, clear brush to open up areas, and bring in our beautiful mulch to tie everything together.

Landscape Design

Our design team will work with you to create a plan around your needs. This may include low maintenance plants, plenty of hardscaping for room to entertain, water features, retaining walls to gain additional space, and drainage to keep the area dry.


Does your yard need a redo or major attention? We start by preparing your soil using equipment such as an aerator to allow the seed to fall into place and have room to grow or our rock hound which removes rocks below the surface to give a perfect base. We then lay down a high quality seed using the best method for your location and then add a cover to keep it moist and protected from wildlife.

Drainage Solutions

A soggy area can not only prevent you from using that part of your yard but it can also harbor mosquitos which can be a risk to your health. Let us add a drainage solution with minimal disruption of the rest of your yard.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be added for multiple purposes. First, it can prevent erosion which takes away from the usable space of your yard and could become a safety hazard. Second, it can give you additional space you never knew you had by creating a new flat space. We have even created additional driveways for customers in areas that used to be a hill!

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