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$22 Per Yard - Double Shred!

$27 Per Yard - Triple Shred!

$40 Flat Rate Delivery or Free Pickup!

Mulch Options Include:

  • Double shred Black

  • Triple shred black

  • Double shred brown

  • Natural brown

Everyone knows that mulch intensifies the beauty of landscaping, but did you know that it also has other benefits? A layer of mulch over plants helps to retain moister which helps keep them healthy, especially in the hot months.

Not all mulch is equal! There are many variables that impact the looks and quality of mulch both immediately when laying it down and for years to come. Some of these variables include wood used to create it, the machine used to shred, the number of times it is shredded, and the quality of dye used.

We start with clean wood which ensures a quality base free of debris. Our wood is sourced from our tree service operation as well as other local sources through our brush drop-off service. We use giant tub grinders that takes all sizes of wood and grinds into a fine mulch. A high quality, organic dye is added to the wood during the tub grinding process which applies an even coat throughout the wood. This produces a much darker and longer-lasting mulch than mixing it in once already ground. Our mulch stays dark much longer than our competition and is safe for kids and pets.

You are probably thinking this all means a higher price than other companies or the bags you see at the local hardware store and gas station. The truth is our mulch is cheaper than any around at only $19-23 per yard. We are able to provide such a low price by using wood that we already have and selling at such a high volume that we can source the dye at a much lower price.

Our customers range from large nurseries who resell our product, large commercial and government organizations, residential customers looking to spread it around their home, and our own landscaping customers. We often have neighbors or communities that get together to buy their mulch together to take advantage of the flat-rate delivery.

To schedule delivery, click here.

For free pick up, come see us at 1830 Hamilton Cleves Road. Our business hours are:

  • Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm

  • Saturday 9 am-12 pm

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